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One by One Friends of Animal Friends Rescue and Adoption Network

12324 E 86th St N # 278
Owasso,  OK 74055

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One by One Friends of Animal Friends Rescue and Adoption Network

This page is the central hub for One by One foster homes and folks interested in adopting animals from this program to post and view photos and learn about the furry kids who need help.
Please contact Gail Jackson at 918)519 9802 to register as a One by One foster home and network with the group supporting the Claremore Animal Shelter.
Our goal is that no adoptable animals are ever euthanized at this facility again. We can do this!

Saving lives "One by One" until there are none.

As they spend their final day on death row, dogs and cats are fed their last meal as those who have truly cared for them battle the urge to look into their eyes one last time. Tomorrow the wait will end. Tomorrow the hope of a better day runs out. Tomorrow they will join thousands more wrapped in trash bags and placed into landfills or incenerators. Why, as friends of animals, do we accept this one day more? Because its overwealming! What can we do? We cannot all become rescues and shelters and at a time when money is scarce, how do we extend ourselves further? Truth is, we can and we are. One by One we can place highly adoptable, "discarded" spayed and nutered dogs and cats into homes preventing those homes from purchasing new. We can create a movement in our communities and have families competing for death row animals. We can take the burdon of taking lives off the hearts of our Animal Shelter workers. We can create CHANGE in our community One by One, and recycle what others have thrown away. LIVES should never become trash. It is unacceptable, and this is what we do about it!

"One by One, until there are none"
Across the country thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters every day. The numbers are staggering. One by One is an individual fostering concept to inspire private homes to participate in preventing loving,

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Founded: August 2010

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