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06/19/2017 09:00 AM

@ Thrive Chiropractic Clinic
3534 E 51st St


We are excited to announce our next event, KIDS WEEK! Thats right! Why narrow it down to just one day when we can see and offer our special for an entire week! This week starts the third week of JUNE! We are so excited! Please get your kiddos scheduled to make sure their bodies are functioning at their best and are developing properly!

Exam, Xray, consultation + adjustment all $20!

Things to look for in your kiddo that shows they may benefit from chiropractic care are :

-sleeping issues
- W sitting
- postural issues
-neck pain
- headaches
- chronic ear infections
- tension
- developmental issues
- constipation
- fussiness
- acid reflux
- allergies
- scoliosis

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