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Flow at the Fur Shop 21+

06/21/2016 08:00 PM

@ Tulsa Flow Art's
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Flow at the Fur Shop 21+

We are OFFICIALy back in buisness at the fur shop for Tuesday flow. Must be 21+ to attend, Security will be checking all ID's

This is a uplifting weekly gathering , A unity of spectators , vendors , artists & performers of all skill levels to share the passion of the state of flow and the spiritual nature that we gain from it. 100% free and family friendly

Prize giveaways

This week Brad's Bangin Audio is giving away a bran new set of leashes for LED poi. do the following for a chance to win
1. like the page Brad's Bangin Audio
2. Share this event page https://www.facebook.com/events/1037908726276323/
3. Attend Tuesday flow june 21st at The Fur Shop

Anticipation Tattoo Removal Tulsa is giving away a Gift Certificate!! complete the following to enter to win

1 like the page Anticipation Tattoo Removal Tulsa
2 like Tulsa Flow Arts
3 join the Tulsa Flow Community
4 share this event page https://www.facebook.com/events/1037908726276323/
5 Attend Tuesday flow june 21st at The Fur Shop

Music lineup

Upstairs indoor stage
9 - 10 Jason Bauer & friends (live set)
11 - 12 TFM
12 - 1 Stinky Gringos

Bar stage
9 - 10 Fritz
10- 11 Amy Pixie Hauger
11- 12 DJ Mina Danes
12 - 1 Phluf -N- Stuph

Main stage
9 - 10 Nomad
10 - 11 K.Roc 3.0
11 - 12 Allen Hubbard
12 - 1 Dj Stax
Closer Konkoba Percussion (Drum Circle)

Clothing donations - We are starting the clothing drive back up every Tuesday , all items will be given to people in need right here in Tulsa, Please contact Tulsa Flow Arts if you have any questions.

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